Rainbow Suncatcher & Windchime

Rainbow Suncatcher/Windchime sets. Add some sparkle and charm to your garden or window with these beautiful sun catcher come wind chimes.  Let the sun hit them and watch them sparkle away on a summers day, whilst when the breeze comes, listen to them chime away.

Pack A = Sun in Centre of Rainbow

Pack B = Sun at the side of the Rainbow


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This is definitely a kit for this summertime for sure!  We just love these Rainbow sun catcher & windchime sets.  So simple to create and just look amazing sparkling in the summer sun.

Just paint your chosen design (there are two different designs to choose from) with the glass paints provided, allow time to dry before hanging your rainbow around your garden or even hang them in a window.  Let the sun hit them and sparkle through!



  • Rainbow design suncatcher/windchime
  • 3.5ml mini pot glass paints x 5 different colours
  • Paintbrush


Dimensions Approximately 34cm Height when hanging up by 11-13cm wide depending upon kit style

Recommended Age 3+ with adult supervision encouraged

RDP kit difficulty level 2 = Straight Forward